Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Extended

Good morning all!

So happy today is so sunny and the plans for the afternoon evening are super nice. Meeting friends, trying the vegan stalls at this market and attending to a Serafina Steer concert at the National Portrait Gallery. Can't wait!

Also, with all this Black Friday thing I couldn't resist on applying free shipping on all the prints in the e-shop until the end of the year :)

Just enter "FREE" during checkout to receive the discount.

Have a wonderful weekend dear readers,

Peace + love.

Feliz viernes a todos!!

Hoy hace mucho sol y el plan de esta tarde es buenísimo. Ver amigos, ir a este mercadito a degustar delicias veganas y luego ver a esta arpista en la National Portrait Gallery...

Solo teneis que poner "FREE" en la casilla de descuentos que aparecerá durante el checkout.

Que paseis un fin de semana fantástico,

Paz y amor.

BONUS: Here's a funny video/experiment that shows how working under pressure (oh those deadlines) is not that good. Maybe you want to share it with your clients and/or employers? ;)

EXTRA: Aquí va un video/experimento que me pareció divertido, demuestra que trabajando bajo presión (ay esas fechas de entrega!!) no da los mejores resultados... ya sabeis, a enseñarselo a vuestros jefes y clientes ;)

*Escuchando / Listening to Ariel Pink.