Sunday, August 2, 2009

Miranda July's short stories

I'm enjoying so much this book by Miranda July that I wanted to share it with you.

Her short stories have the kind of strange and abstract sense of humour that I like most. Last night was really late when I was reading in bed and I couldn't control myself from laughing out loud with the first part of "Ten True Things".
Hope Ms. July doesn’t get upset as I'll reproduce below the first half page of this story...


Some of those women are really good sewers and you wonder, Why are the taking a beginning sewing class? I like to think it's because they have low self-esteem. They seem totally in control and born to make the rest of us feel clumsy, but inside, they have an almost psychotically warped vision of themselves. At least I am in touch with my skill level. I am a really bad sewer. Interestingly, though, I am not the worst in the class; the tiny Asian woman next to me is. I was sure she would be a really good sewer because most of the clothes in the world are made by Asian women, and also, who's going to be better at making a kimono, me or someone who is Chines or Japanese. Boy, did she teach me a thing or two about racial prejudice. Is she even trying to make a kimono-style robe, or does she think we are making dog beds? I used to get incredibly distracted by her; I was just so amazed at her interpretation of the directions. Like the teacher would say, Trim the excess cloth, and the woman would carefully fold here pink flannel in half, pin it, and then sit back, waiting for the next instruction. What happens when you do the exact opposite of everything you are told of? How would she know when she was done? And shy wasn't anyone doing anything about this? Should I do something? What should I do? But then one day the teacher came around and told me to rip out my last five seams and I wanted to yell, My Seams? At least my seams are for bipeds, what about her last five seams? ...