Thursday, January 1, 2009

About pop-pervert


Hola hola.
For 2009 I’ve made a few changes at pop-pervert, hope you like them.
As the blog document was getting really heavy to work with on Rapidweaver, I started another different document from scratch. Anyhow you can still visit the pop-pervert 2007-2008 archives here.


My name is Ana Montiel, I am 27 and live in Barcelona, I work in different areas such as illustration, pattern design, graphic design, fashion, art, special editorial content... always trying to keep myself as open to as many disciplines as possible, trying new things to reach versatile and different results on my projects.

I write this blog as a sort of "inspirational diary", featuring a selection of things that blow my mind. This weblog also works to showcase my creative process. A place where I upload drafts, sneak-a-peaks and so on from my projects.

I am the co-founder (together with my super business development partner Alex Bedoya) and creative director at Alan the Gallant, a multi-talent design bureau.
Through Sir Alan we offer a wide range of services for art-sensitive companies and people with good taste in general. :)
Before we were known as itte studio, in those days we were working on more corporate projects but now we are more freestyle, experimental and happy. ;)

Also as Alan the Gallant we have created a pattern design brand called Pattern Tales®. Pattern Tales is a neo-ornamental brand producing high quality non-woven limited edition wallpapers that you can buy on Gallant Tales, Alan’s online store.

Years ago, I was half of Colectivo Koleko, won 2 art prizes, produced several exhibitions and had a great time.
Now, I'm working again on different art approaches as Ana Montiel (or AMON ) and hopefully there will be some exhibitions and collaborations soon, I'll write about the updates on
I am always looking for art spaces and galleries to exhibit my work, as well as collaborate on art submissions and in art magazines. These are always welcome!
So if you are interested feel free to contact me.

Well, thanks for visiting and reading.

ps: Oh! ...and the name Pop Pervert comes from my obsession with music and pop culture, I must confess that I am a total music addict, listening to new bands everyday and always researching further and further into many musical fields. Long live good music!